Advising Basics: Community College Coursework

Thinking about taking classes at the local community college? Be aware of some specific guidelines:

  • Before registering for a class, visit the Arizona Course Applicability System (AZCAS) website to verify that the course you plan to take will transfer to ASU and will be applied toward your degree program ( Look for the link for the course equivalency guide to find the ASU course equivalencies.
  • Only grades of “C” or higher are transferable. Upon completion of the course, you will need to request that your transcripts be sent to ASU.
  • Avoid registration blocks – notify your academic advisor (and provide proof of enrollment) if you are taking a community college course as a prerequisite for an ASU course.
  • Students may apply up to 64 hours of community college coursework to the ASU degree program (Note: the 64-hour rule does NOT apply to courses transferred from 4-year institutions, only 2-year community colleges.
  • Students thinking about taking classes in another state (during the summer) need pre-approval to ensure that the course will fulfill the ASU degree requirement. Visit Allison, Casey, or Susan if you plan to take a class out-of-state in the summer (or any other time).