ASU Merit Based Scholarship Renewal Criteria

The scholarship renewal criteria for university merit-based scholarships are completion of 30 credit hours (between fall and spring semesters) with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (for all semesters taken at ASU). Scholarship recipients who are not meeting this criteria have options. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the options available to you (

4 Responses to ASU Merit Based Scholarship Renewal Criteria

  • Haider Tariq

    I am an international student and I do meet these requirements but I am not getting this scholarship. Do I need to apply?If so then how?

    Thank you

    • Allison Farina


      This message is only for those who already have this scholarship. Students are assessed this scholarship at the time of admission.

    • Allison Farina

      Yes, summer courses will apply to the previous academic year for scholarship renewal automatically.

  • Rahul Ravikotimatam

    Do summer classes get considered for scholarship renewals for the next year, or do you just look at the cumulative GPA of the spring and fall semesters of the previous year? I currently have a 2.97 cumulative GPA, but I will be taking summer classes to raise my GPA. Will those summer classes be incorporated to the cumulative GPA? If so, will my scholarship be renewed?