The CIDSE Advising Center is seeking student volunteers to join our CIDSE Mentor team. CIDSE Mentors are continuing students in all majors within CIDSE who participate in events such as Fall Welcome, New Student Orientation, Student Mixers, etc. CIDSE Mentors serve as advocates for new students and help them navigate their way through their new major at ASU. CIDSE Mentors can participate in as many or as few events as they would like. Upcoming events include the following:

  1. Fulton Schools of Engineering Open House (Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2). Volunteers needed to help with exciting exhibits and captivating competitions. Contact CIDSE advisor Stacey Bales (
  2. Freshman Orientation starts in late March and goes through mid-July, 2013. Contact Susan Borgers ( or Allison Farina ( if you are willing to help out and share your experience.
  3. Recruitment at area high schools and community colleges begins in February. If you want to inspire and enlighten potential students about ASU and your CIDSE major, contact Susan Borgers ( or Allison Farina (
  4. Share your freshman year experience with new incoming freshman and help them transition to ASU. Please apply by February 28th if you are interested in being an E2 Camp Counselor (C2), go online to the E2 Camp website. More information can also be found at


If you are interested in becoming a CIDSE Mentor or need more information on one or more of these events, please contact us at