CIDSE students shine at FURI poster symposiums

Kristen Travis

The Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) is designed to enhance and enrich a student’s engineering education by providing hands-on lab experience, independent and thesis-based research and travel to national conferences. Students select, design and complete research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors and present their findings at a semi-annual public symposium.

Students, in collaboration with mentors, make proposals to fund the work they want to perform. Undergraduates earn money for creating knowledge based upon the scholarly method. Motivated students will find a thrilling experience in the intellectual community while enriching their graduate school aspirations or entry into industry.

Fall 2010-Spring 2011

ROBERT FRUCHTMAN, Computer Science Engineering, “Learning Context-Specific Biological Interactions in Cancer.”
Mentor: Seungchan Kim

REDA HERBZI, Computer Science Engineering, “Clustering Pathways to Unravel Regulatory Relationships in Cancer Data.”
Mentor: Archana Ramesh

DAVID HAYDEN, Computer Science / Mathematics, “Using Clustering and Metric Learning to Improve Science Return of Remote-Sensed Imagery.”
Mentor: John A. Black, Jr.

NATHAN JACK, Industrial Engineering, “Photovoltaic Reliability Project: A Statistical Model for Confirming and Analyzing Degradation Rates.”
Mentor: Rong Pan

KIRAN JOTWANI, Industrial Engineering, “Engineered System Design for an Optimal Sentence and Strategy for Negotiating a Plea Bargain.”
Mentor: Ronald G. Askin

WENYANG LI, Computer Systems Engineering, “Memory Minders: Reminders for Easier Independent and Assisted Living.”
Mentor: Winslow Burleson

HAROON KHAN, Computer Systems Engineering, “Bondflow System.”
Mentor: Janaka Balasooriya

CHRISTOPHER MCBRIDE, Computer Systems Engineering, “Achieving Higher Sensitivity in Non-Invasive Glucose Meters.”
Mentor: Jeffrey T. La Belle

ZAW PHYO WAI NAUNG, Computer Science, “A Sociolinguistic System to Analyze Conversations and Identify Social Constructs.”
Mentor: Chitta Baral

BEATRIS RUSU, Computer Systems Engineering, “Just in Time Teaching and Learning Classroom.”
Mentor: Janaka Balasooriya

MATTHEW SOTO, Industrial Engineering, “Developing Theoretical Models to Represent System Resources Under Various Sharing Schemes.”
Mentor: Nong Ye

PHILLIP STEVENS, Computer Science, “Theory and Simulations of Dynamic DeBruijn Networks.”
Mentor: Andrea Richa

KRISTEN TRAVIS, Industrial Engineering, “Radiation Dose Correction for Patient-Specific CT Examinations.”
Mentor: Muhong Zhang

ERIC YEE, Industrial Engineering, “Distributed QoS Optimization for Service-Oriented Cyber-Systems.”
Mentor: Nong Ye