If you registered for CSE110 in the fall semester of 2012, but have knowledge of object-oriented programming, you should take the placement exam. The exam will be held on Wednesday, August 22nd, in BYAC 110 from 11AM-1PM. Students must RSVP to take this exam.

Major Topics Covered on the CSE110 exam are:

•             Introduction to problem solving, requirements & specifications, algorithms

•             Primitive data types (int, double, char…)

•             Control structures: if-else statements, switch statements, loops

•             Classes, objects, methods, parameters, overriding, overloading

•             Arrays, searching and sorting

The 2-hour placement exam is free. Students who score well on the CSE110 placement exam will be eligible to complete paperwork for the official Comprehensive Exam and can receive college credit for CSE110. There is a $150 fee for the Comprehensive Exam. Students who pursue the credit through the Comprehensive Exam option (due to eligibility) will be permitted to register for CSE 205 for fall semester after paying the $150 fee. This will be explained in further detail prior to the test on the exam date.

Registration is required for the 2-hour placement exam on August 22, 2012. The registration system may be accessed through the link below.