Did you know???

  • The Engineering Tutoring Center hosts review sessions for common engineering courses such as Math (Calculus through Linear Algebra), Physics, Circuits, and IEE 380. These sessions are designed to reinforce your knowledge in these course areas. Review sessions will take place from 12/5-12/15. To view the full schedule, visit http://tutoring.engineering.asu.edu/midterm-review-sessions
  • Spring Semester officially begins Monday, January 7th (A and C sessions)
  • There are different drop/withdrawal dates for Sessions C, A, and B. Check the Academic Calendar (located in MyASU) for details.
  • ASU’s Finals Calendar is posted throughout the year in the Academic Calendar. The link can be found at https://students.asu.edu/final-exam-schedule#Spring
  • The Complete Withdrawal Deadline is Tuesday, December 11. This is an option for students who feel that they will not be able to pass any of their classes this semester. Students should contact their advisor if they are considering a Complete Withdrawal to discuss the implications. 


Withdrawals will show on the ASU transcript as “W’s” which will not factor into your GPA. Directions for complete withdrawals can be found at: