Invited Talk: CloudNet: Virtual Networking Wide-Area Cloud Resources

Stefan Schmid, Senior Research Scientist at the Technical University of Berlin and Telekom Innovation Labs, Germany

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Brickyard BYENG 210

CloudNet: Virtual Networking Wide-Area Cloud Resources

Abstract: Network virtualization allows to overcome the ossification of today’s Internet architecture, and enables new services.  In this talk, I will present the CloudNet architecture developed at Telekom Innovation Laboratories, which allows to connect distributed cloud resources with virtual networking (e.g., based on Software-Defined Networks).  This architecture supports multiple economical roles, from service and content providers via resource brokers down to the physical infrastructure providers, and respects these roles’ autonomy.  It also comprises an optimizes pipeline which includes service specification, automatic translation into formal algorithms and solutions, down to signaling and allocating the corresponding resource in the network.

After giving a brief overview of these new networking trends and the prototype architecture, I will focus on two new research questions arising in this context:

– How to efficiently (and online!) decide which requests to accept and embed (access control), and how to migrate CloudNets?  I will describe online algorithms for this problem and sketch and analysis.

– Is this technology a security threat for ISPs?  I will intriduce a new formal model to study this question, and provide analytical results.

Bio: Stefan Schmid is a Senior Research Scientist at TU Berline and Telekom Innovation Laboratories.  He received his Ph.D from ETH Zurich.  He is interested in distributed systems, algorithms, network economics, and virtualization.  More information at