MyASU is a one stop resource shop for ASU students. It houses more than class schedules and registration tools. If you have not explored MyASU beyond your class schedule, we encourage you to take a few minutes to learn about some of the many resources located through MyASU:


  • Program (right hand pane): Here is where you will find your major map, the link to DARS, and your Academic Advisor’s name.


  • Find Programs (right hand pane): Have you considered adding a minor, a certificate or another major to your plan of study but don’t know what is offered? Look here!


  • My Finances (left hand menu): This will answer any questions about financing your education. Are you looking for scholarships? Do you have an account balance that needs to be paid? Do you need to reapply for FAFSA to secure financial aid funding? All of these questions can be answered by going to the My Finances link.


  • Health and Wellness (left hand menu): To be a successful student you need to take care of yourself. Resources like Campus Recreation, Health Services, ASU Counseling services, Wellness and Health Promotion are readily accessible, so take advantage of these benefits.


  • Tutoring and Support (left hand menu): Could you use some help with organizing your ideas to write a paper? Not quite understanding concepts for that upcoming Math test? The Student Success Center is a great place to start! Look for links to the Writing Center, Mathematics Tutor Center and the Engineering Tutoring Center.


  • Jobs and Careers (left hand menu): Did you know that APPLE, Inc. is recruiting ASU students for “Apple At Home Advisor” positions? Being a qualified college student has its rewards – this is an amazing opportunity! The Jobs and Careers section (in MyASU) includes announcements such as Apple At Home, and more. Jobs and Careers is not just for seniors who are seeking permanent positions but also for individuals looking for student employment, part-time jobs, and internships. Visit Jobs and Careers to learn about upcoming professional development workshops and events that are designed to help you jumpstart your career (beyond your academic preparation).