Spring 2014 Complete Session Withdrawal Deadline is approaching!

  • At this point in the semester, students may not withdraw from an individual course unless it is the only course being taken (in Session C or B). Students who want to withdraw now must do a Complete Session Withdrawal. The deadline for a Complete Session Withdrawal is Friday, May 2.  Students who are considering a Complete Session Withdrawal should contact their academic advisor first.


  • A Complete Session Withdrawal cannot be processed through MyASU; this must be done in person through the Fulton Engineering Office of Academic and Student Affairs (Dean’s Office).  The Dean’s Office is located in BYENG 697 BA. Walk-in appointments may be available; however students are encouraged to make an appointment by calling 480-965-1726.


  • Waiting until the end of the day on May 2 to request approval for the Complete Session Withdrawal is not advisable due to ASU business hours. Students considering a Complete Session Withdrawal should meet with the Dean’s Office no later than Thursday, May 1.