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Engineering  |  School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

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Engineering better airline passenger security

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency is developing tools to create efficient processes to improve airport security checkpoint efficiency.

Engineering evolutionary steps in automated mobility

A synchronized mix of advanced computing, sensing, robotics, artificial intelligence and mechanical-electrical control technologies will be necessary to create effective automated mobility systems. Research teams in the Fulton Schools are aiding efforts by Arizona’s Institute of Automated Mobility to make such systems a part of the state’s future transportation landscape.

Welcome, new faculty

We’re excited to welcome four new faculty members for 2020-2021 to advance student achievement and lead our transformational engineering and technology research.

Join our team of dynamic faculty

Innovative and growing: faculty positions now open

Online Master of Computer Science

Announcing the 100% online master of computer science

Explore our diverse programs

Our programs in computer science support the evolution of the computing and informatics disciplines, and the integration of computer and information sciences with other disciplines such as biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics.

Degrees offered: BS, MS, MCS, PhD

Our computer systems engineering programs are concerned with the analysis, design and evaluation of computer systems, both hardware and software. This field of study not only focuses on how computer systems work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, PhD

The engineering management program is designed to provide the graduate with the competencies for effective management and leadership of engineering-driven enterprises. The curriculum provides a breadth of engineering science and design with depth in one specific engineering area suitable for practice.

Degrees offered: BSE

Our industrial engineering programs concentrate on the design, operation and improvement of the systems required to meet societal needs for products and services. The program combines knowledge from the physical, mathematical and social sciences to help design efficient manufacturing and service systems that integrate people, equipment and information.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, PhD

The discipline of informatics makes connections between the work people do and technology that can support that work. It combines aspects of software engineering, human-computer interaction, decision theory, organizational behavior and information technology.

Degrees offered: BSE

Our software engineering programs blend engineering, computing, project leadership and software construction. Students engineer software solutions in application areas such as Web applications, mobile systems, embedded systems, or graphics and game development.

Degrees offered: BS, MS

Leading innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics and cybersecurity

Smart transportation systems need to reckon with rogues

Smart transportation systems need to reckon with rogues

ASU’s Make Programming Simple Lab has developed the first algorithm enabling autonomous vehicles to safely navigate intersections in real-world conditions. This innovation accelerates the shift from human-driven cars to fully automated transit.

AI and the science of abstraction

AI and the science of abstraction

Siddharth Srivastava is developing intelligent robots and software agents that assist people in their daily lives. His innovative research focuses on formal frameworks, algorithms and implementations that allow autonomous agents to reason and act reliably and efficiently in real-world conditions.

ASU and Zimin Foundation partner for future of urban tech

ASU and Zimin Foundation partner for future of urban tech

A new partnership supports ASU faculty projects for innovating people-centric smart cities of the future, from sustainable building materials, the urban heat island and air quality to assistance for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.