Christopher Sanchez

Christopher SanchezAssistant Professor, Cognitive Science & EngineeringCollege of Technology and Innovation

Christopher Sanchez’s research interests focus primarily on understanding learner characteristics and how they are relevant for interacting with technology, designing learning interfaces, and interfacing with the real world. He is currently involved with several projects that span such content areas as: science learning, working memory capacity, spatial abilities, learning from maps, bilingualism, web-based learning and design, physical pain, sports performance/visualization, and instrument guided aviation. He heads the Applied Cognitive Theory, Usability and Learning (ACTUAL) Laboratory, which employs traditional behavioral methodology and also employs more advanced techniques such as eye-tracking and video protocol analysis.


Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006

Research interests

Individual differences, cognition, learning and design, small devices, human factors, eyetracking