Faculty by Research Area

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  • Ahn, Gail-Joon
    Ahn, Gail-Joon
    Vulnerability and risk management, authentication and access control, security architecture for distributed systems, identity management, policy analysis and enforcement, formal models for computer security, and cyber crime analysis
  • Anderson-Rowland, Mary
    Anderson-Rowland, Mary
    Statistics and probability for quality control, academic scholarship programs for all engineering students with an emphasis on women and underrepresented minority students
  • Askin, Ronald
    Askin, Ronald
    Logistics; manufacturing systems analysis; production planning and scheduling; operations research; applied statistics
  • Atkinson, Robert
    Atkinson, Robert
    Personalized learning, social media, learner analytics, mobile learning, cognitive science, usability testing, human-computer interaction
  • Bansal, Ajay
    Bansal, Ajay
    Logic Programming, Constraint Programming, Answer Set Programming, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Semantic Computing, Service-Oriented Architecture.
  • Bansal, Srividya
    Bansal, Srividya
    Semantic Computing; Big Data Integration; semantics-based solutions for outcome-based instruction design in STEM education; delivery models for Software Engineering Education; Web service description, discovery, and composition.
  • Baral, Chitta
    Baral, Chitta
    Graduate Program Chair, Computer Science
    Knowledge representation, temporal logics, logic programming, dynamic systems, text extraction, question answering, natural language semantics, bioinformatics
  • Bazzi, Rida
    Bazzi, Rida
    Computer security, reliability, fault tolerance, distributed computing
  • Ben Amor, Heni
    Ben Amor, Heni
    AI, robotics, machine learning, motor skill acquisition, human-robot interaction, virtual reality
  • Bliss, Nadya
    Bliss, Nadya
    Multi-disciplinary research and cross-mission collaboration between defense, development, and diplomacy communities
  • Bryan, Chris
    Bryan, Chris
    Virtual Reality; Data Storytelling; Data Analysis; Explainable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; Perception and Cognition; Human-Computer Interaction; Data Privacy and Security
  • Candan, K. Selçuk
    Candan, K. Selçuk
    Database systems, storage/querying/retrieval of multimedia and web data, heterogeneous information integration and retrieval, assistive technologies for information and data access, data clouds, ambient media systems
  • Chen, Yinong
    Chen, Yinong
    Service-oriented computing, embedded systems, fault-tolerant computing, distributed computing
  • Colbourn, Charles
    Colbourn, Charles
    Combinatorial design theory and its applications in communications and networking
  • Collofello, James
    Collofello, James
    Associate dean, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
    Software engineering, software project management, software quality assurance
  • Dasgupta, Partha
    Dasgupta, Partha
    Computer security, operating systems, distributed and parallel systems
  • Davulcu, Hasan
    Davulcu, Hasan
    Data mining, web and text mining, data cleaning and information extraction, workflows and semantic web services, database systems
  • Elhoseiny, Mohamed
    Elhoseiny, Mohamed
    Computer vision; Intersection between natural language and vision; Computational creativity 
  • Escobedo, Adolfo R.
    Escobedo, Adolfo R.
    Theory and application of optimization, mathematical programming error reduction/elimination
  • Fainekos, Georgios
    Fainekos, Georgios
    Cyber-physical systems: hybrid dynamical systems, real-time and embedded systems; Formal methods with applications to automation & control: system testing and verification, formal languages and logic; motion planning in robotics; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Gaffar, Ashraf
    Gaffar, Ashraf
    Human Centered Design, HCI and human cognition, Human-Car Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Software Design Methods, Software concept visualization
  • Gary, Kevin
    Gary, Kevin
    Graduate Program Committee Chair, Software Engineering; Faculty, Software Engineering. Software Architecture and Design, Open Source Software, Agile Methods, Applications in Healthcare (image-guided surgery and mHealth), and e-learning.
  • Gel, Esma
    Gel, Esma
    Applied probability, stochastic processes, queuing theory, stochastic modeling and control of manufacturing systems
  • Gupta, Sandeep
    Gupta, Sandeep
    School Director
    Graduate program chair, Computer Engineering; Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. Wireless networks, mobile and ubiquitous/pervasive computing, embedded sensor networks for biomedical applications, parallel and distributed computing
  • Huang, Dijiang
    Huang, Dijiang
    Network security, privacy prevention techniques, key management, secure ad hoc network routing, trust management for VANETs
  • Ju, Feng
    Ju, Feng
    Stochastic modeling and control in manufacturing and healthcare systems; Battery management systems
  • Kambhampati, Subbarao
    Kambhampati, Subbarao
    Artificial intelligence, automated planning, machine learning, data and information integration
  • Lee, Joohyung
    Lee, Joohyung
    Knowledge representation and reasoning, computational logic, logic programming, logics in security, computational semantics of natural language
  • Lee, Yann-Hang
    Lee, Yann-Hang
    Real-time computing, embedded system and software, fault-tolerant computing, distributed computing, and service-oriented computing
  • Li, Baoxin
    Li, Baoxin
    Program Chair, Computer Science and Engineering. Computer vision and pattern recognition, image/video processing, statistical methods in visual computing
  • Li, Jing
    Li, Jing
    Statistical learning, data mining, biomedical and health informatics, quality and reliability engineering
  • Lindquist, Tim
    Lindquist, Tim
    Software Engineering, distributed and mobile systems, Web applications, and programming languages.
  • Liu, Huan
    Liu, Huan
    Social computing, data/web mining, machine learning, feature selection, text classification
  • Maciejewski, Ross
    Maciejewski, Ross
    Information visualization, geographical visualization, computer graphics, syndromic surveillance, volume rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, decision support systems
  • Mirchandani, Pitu
    Mirchandani, Pitu
    Graduate Program Committee Chair, Industrial Engineering Optimization, decision-making under uncertainty, real-time control and logistics, application interests in urban service systems, transportation, and homeland security
  • Montgomery, Douglas
    Montgomery, Douglas
    Statistical design of experiments, optimization and response surface methodology, empirical stochastic modeling, industrial statistics
  • Nelson, Brian
    Nelson, Brian
    Learning theory, instructional design, educational technology, game-based learning environments, simulations, multimedia, collaborative learning
  • Pan, Rong
    Pan, Rong
    Program Chair of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management; Faculty of Industrial Engineering
    Industrial statistics, reliability analysis and time series modeling
  • Panchanathan, Sethuraman
    Panchanathan, Sethuraman
    Human-centered Multimedia Computing, Ubiquitous Computing Environments for enhancing qualify of life for individuals with Disabilities, and Haptic User Interfaces.
  • Pavlic, Ted
    Pavlic, Ted
    Distributed algorithms, autonomous systems, decentralized decision making, complex adaptive systems, self organization, hybrid dynamical systems, sustainability in the built environment, behavioral ecology, behavioral economics, operations research, bio-mimicry and bio-inspiration, parallel computation, robotics,energy systems, intelligent control; optimization; game theory; resource allocation; collective behavior
  • Pedrielli, Giulia
    Pedrielli, Giulia
    Simulation methodology, stochastics and learning/statistics related to simulation improvement both for performance evaluation as well as simulation-based optimization of complex systems
  • Ren, Fengbo
    Ren, Fengbo
    Hardware acceleration, embedded, reconfigurable, and parallel computing solutions for data analytics and information processing, energy-efficient computing, data-driven compressive sensing, hardware-friendly machine learning.
  • Richa, Andrea W.
    Richa, Andrea W.
    Self-organizing particle systems, programmable matter, bio-inspired algorithms; distributed computing and algorithms; theory of wireless communication; graph, randomized, and approximation algorithms; self-stabilizing overlay networks; combinatorial optimization; distributed resource allocation
  • Runger, George
    Runger, George
    Statistical learning, process control, data mining for massive, multivariate data sets
  • Sarjoughian, Hessam
    Sarjoughian, Hessam
    Agent-based modeling, multiformalism modeling, simulation-based design, software architecture
  • Sefair, Jorge
    Sefair, Jorge
    Network optimization, robust optimization, integer programming, applications of optimization in environment, public policy, urban planning, and finance
  • Sen, Arunabha
    Sen, Arunabha
    Resource optimization in optical, wireless and sensor networks, video transmission over mobile ad-hoc networks, network processors, system/network on chip design, combinatorial optimization, algorithm design and analysis
  • Shrivastava, Aviral
    Shrivastava, Aviral
    Compilers and micro architectures for embedded systems, including techniques for power, performance reliability, temperature and code size improvement
  • Shunk, Dan
    Shunk, Dan
    Agile, enterprise and CIM systems, group technology, planning systems, economics of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) strategy and strategic role of technology
  • Srivastava, Siddharth
    Srivastava, Siddharth
    Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Integrated Task and Motion Planning for Robots, Mobile Manipulation, Generalized Planning, Knowledge Representation, Probabilistic Programming, Probabilistic Inference and Machine Learning
  • Syrotiuk, Violet
    Syrotiuk, Violet
    Cross-layer design and optimization in changing network conditions, modelling and monitoring, medium access control protocols, multi-hop wireless networks including MANETs, WSNs, WMNs, and cognitive radio networks
  • Tsai, Wei-Tek
    Tsai, Wei-Tek
    Software engineering, Internet, parallel and distributed processing
  • VanLehn, Kurt
    VanLehn, Kurt
    Undergraduate program lead, Informatics Applications of AI to education (Intelligent Tutoring Systems; teachable agents; tutorial NL dialogue systems); human learning (student modeling; cognitive modeling); cognitive science
  • Villalobos, J. Rene
    Villalobos, J. Rene
    Logistics, automated quality systems, manufacturing systems and applied operations research, International Logistics and Productivity Improvement Laboratory (ILPIL)
  • Vrudhula, Sarma
    Vrudhula, Sarma
    CAD for VLSI circuits, logic synthesis and verification, low-power design, power, energy and thermal management in processors performance, power and yield optimization of VLSI circuits, novel logic structures and applications to biology
  • Wang, Yalin
    Wang, Yalin
    Computer vision, medical imaging, computer graphics, geometric modeling, statistical pattern recognition
  • Wetzel, Jon
    Wetzel, Jon
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Qualitative Reasoning; Science of Learning
  • Wu, Carole-Jean
    Wu, Carole-Jean
    Energy-efficient heterogeneous architecture, energy harvesting for emerging computing devices, performance characterization, analysis and prediction, high-performance and power-efficient LLC designs
  • Wu, Teresa
    Wu, Teresa
    Health informatics, swarm intelligence algorithms for distributed decision support, information systems
  • Xue, Guoliang
    Xue, Guoliang
    Survivability and security in smart grid, privacy and security in mobile social networks, economic approaches to network applications.
  • Yan, Hao
    Yan, Hao
    Machine learning, data analytics for images, profiles and time series data for change detection and localization, spatial-temporal analysis.
  • Yang, Yezhou
    Yang, Yezhou
    Cognitive robotics, computer vision, robot perception, manipulation actions, vision and language
  • Yau, Sik-Sang (Stephen)
    Yau, Sik-Sang (Stephen)
    Trust management and security, software engineering, distributed systems, service based systems, ubiquitous/pervasive computing
  • Ye, Nong
    Ye, Nong
    Information and systems assurance, data mining and modeling, quality optimization and control of system operations
  • Zhao, Ming
    Zhao, Ming
    Distributed/cloud computing, big data, high-performance computing, autonomic computing, virtualization, storage systems, operating systems