Lecturers and Research Faculty

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  • Acuna, Ruben
    Acuna, Ruben
    Scientific workflows, data management, proteomics
  • Balasooriya, Janaka
    Balasooriya, Janaka
    Distributed, internet and grid computing, web service coordination primitives and system architectures, biological data integration and interoperability, middleware and embedded software
  • Bhattacharya, Amiya
    Bhattacharya, Amiya
    Computer science in education, programming languages, software maintenance
  • Burger, Kevin
    Burger, Kevin
    Embedded systems, introductory programming, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture and organization, web development
  • Calliss, Debra
    Calliss, Debra
    Computer science in education, programming languages, software maintenance
  • Calliss, Frank
  • Chattin, Linda
    Chattin, Linda
    Discrete optimization, stochastic processes and probabilistic modeling, emergency service location
  • Chen, Yinong
    Chen, Yinong
    Service-oriented computing, embedded systems, fault-tolerant computing, distributed computing
  • Clough, Michael
    Clough, Michael
    Revenue management, airline operations engineering, product portfolio analysis, econometrics, linear and non-linear optimization, optimal pricing policies
  • Dengi, Aykut
    Dengi, Aykut
    Electronic design automation, low power high performance digital design, analog, RF and mixed-signal design and computational electromagnetics
  • Feng, Xuerong
    Feng, Xuerong
    Algorithm design and analysis, including network algorithms, Bioinformatics algorithms and parallel algorithms
  • Gonzalez-Sanchez, Javier
    Gonzalez-Sanchez, Javier
    Software engineering, human-computer interaction
  • Hansford, Dianne
    Hansford, Dianne
    Geometric modeling and scientific visualization
  • Heinrichs, Robert
    Heinrichs, Robert
    Software engineering
  • Henderson, Mark
    Henderson, Mark
    Global product design, social entrepreneurship, biofuels, clean water, strategic product development
  • Jennings, Cheryl L.
    Jennings, Cheryl L.
    Quality engineering, quality management, engineering statistics, business analytics
  • Juarez, Joseph
    Juarez, Joseph
    Industrial engineering
  • Kempf, Karl
    Kempf, Karl
    Optimization in product design, optimization in manufacturing and supply chain systems design and execution, the interaction of intuition and analytics in decision making
  • Kobayashi, Yoshihiro
    Kobayashi, Yoshihiro
    Game design, game development, digital fabrication, AI in design, virtual reality, building information modeling, procedural modeling, computer graphics, PRISM Lab at ASU
  • McCarville, Daniel R.
    McCarville, Daniel R.
    Quality engineering, industrial statistics, engineering management
  • McNamara, Danielle S.
  • Mehlhase, Alexandra
    Mehlhase, Alexandra
    Modeling and simulation of variable-structure models, software engineering
  • Meuth, Ryan
    Meuth, Ryan
    Examining ways to improve engineering education, in particular the first year engineering experience
  • Miller, Phill
    Miller, Phill
    Computer science and software engineering
  • Nakamura, Mutsumi
    Nakamura, Mutsumi
    Active database systems, Web-based database systems
  • Sanchez, Christopher
    Sanchez, Christopher
    Individual differences, cognition, learning and design, small devices, human factors, eyetracking
  • Sapino, Maria Luisa
    Sapino, Maria Luisa
    Logic programming, artificial Intelligence, semantics of negation in logic programming, abductive extensions of logic programs, database access control
  • Selgrad, Justin
    Selgrad, Justin
    Game mechanics, path planning, perception, game AI
  • Tadayon-Navabi, Farideh
    Tadayon-Navabi, Farideh
    Computer science education, programming languages
  • Wetzel, Jon
    Wetzel, Jon
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Qualitative Reasoning; Science of Learning