Computer Science

Our programs in Computer Science support the evolution of the computing and informatics disciplines, and the integration of computer and information sciences with other disciplines such as biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics. Ethics and professionalism are as important as technical skill while considering both the local and global impact of many Computer Science industry decisions.

Computer science degrees have proven essential to recent graduates of Arizona State University: graduate employment rates are more than 90 percent employment for alumni after achieving a computer science master’s degree at ASU.


Design and analysis of computers, computational processes, and information transfer and transformation

Design of software for networks, graphics, artificial intelligence and database systems

Improve software reliability, network security or information retrieval systems

Invent next-generation computer systems, computer networking, biomedical information systems, gaming systems, search engines, web browsers and package distribution systems

Integrate computer and information sciences with biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics

Career Opportunities

Computer networking and Gaming systems

Database and Information systems

Distribution systems and Software engineering

Search engines and Web services


Our Degree Programs