Informatics makes connections between the work people do and technology that can support that work. The Informatics program provides an interdisciplinary experience that responds to the rapidly growing need for skilled workers who can take a problem-driven, system-level, user-oriented perspective toward information and computing, who can apply current informatics methods to address society’s needs, and who can contribute to the next generation of such systems. Informatics challenges include designing, developing, and applying computational tools that model, aid, or automate activities within disciplines such as science, business, geography, education, entertainment, etc.


Master advanced information processing techniques for creating, storing, finding, analyzing, and interpreting knowledge

Solve real-world problems through the use of computational and analytical tools

Design, develop, evaluate systems that meet specific needs of human users

Design solutions taking into account the social, cultural and organizational settings in which computing technology will be used

Career Opportunities

User experience designer

Usability engineer

Information architect

Interaction and Instructional designer

IT Consultant and Digital artist

E-commerce and Multimedia specialist

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