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Engineering  |  School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering


Computer Science

Computer Science MS Handbook 2015-2016
Computer Science MS Handbook 2016-2017
Computer Science MS Handbook 2017-2018
Computer Science MS Handbook 2018-2019
Computer Science MS Handbook 2019-2020
Computer Science MS Handbook 2020-2021 Computer Science MS Addendum 20-21


Computer Science MCS Handbook 2015-2016
Computer Science MCS Handbook 2016-2017
Computer Science MCS Handbook 2017-2018
Computer Science MCS Handbook 2018-2019
Computer Science MCS Handbook 2019-2020
Computer Science MCS Handbook 2020-2021 Computer Science MCS Addendum 20-21

Computer Science PhD Handbook 2015-2016
Computer Science PhD Handbook 2016-2017
Computer Science PhD Handbook 2017-2018
Computer Science PhD Handbook 2018-2019
Computer Science PhD Handbook 2019-2020
Computer Science PhD Handbook 2020-2021 Computer Science PhD Addendum 20-21

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2013-2014
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook  2014-2015
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2015-2016
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2016-2017
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2017-2018
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2018-2019
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook 2019-2020
Industrial Engineering MS Handbook2020-2021

Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2013-2014
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook  2014-2015
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook  2014-2015 (revised January 2015)
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2015-2016
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2016-2017
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2017-2018
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2018-2019
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2019-2020
Industrial Engineering PhD Handbook 2020-2021

Computer Engineering


Software Engineering

Software Engineering MS Handbook 2015-2016
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2016-2017
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2017-2018
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2018-2019
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2019-2020
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2020-2021
Software Engineering MS Handbook 2020-2021 Addendum

Robotics and Autonomous Systems



ASU Graduate College Policies and Procedures – All graduate students are responsible for following the policies.