Motivational Environments research group launches the Inventors’ Workshop

Inventors' WorkshopWith strong support from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and partners across the university, CIDSE’s Motivational Environments research group, led by Assistant Professor Winslow Burleson, launched the Inventors’ Workshop.

The Inventors’ Workshop is a transformative initiative to train the engineers, scientists and designers of 2020 and 2100 today. It is a resource for the ASU community, where individuals can access unique physical support (materials and machines), as well as concept support from an inventor-in-residence and inventioneers. It gives students the support and opportunity they need to engage in intrinsically motivated engineering and lifelong learning, while turning their invention concepts into reality. The initiative focuses on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges and works with ASU’s Grand Challenges Faculty teams and students to advance the mission of the New American University.

The Inventors’ Workshop provides a next-generation shop environment and online community with networked access to the highest-end research tools across the university, facilitating innovative—potentially transformative—complex research and education projects. It makes high-end research tools broadly accessible to ASU’s engineering community and the public through inventors-in-residence, mentors, and integrated research/education modules and seminars. Through NSF’s Broadening Participation in Computing’s STARS (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service) Alliance, student teams at Barrett, the Honors College, are engaging in open source transdisciplinary initiatives to DIY ASU’s High Performance Computing facilities and the Decision Theater. ASU’s new National Science Foundation­-Department of Energy Engineering Research Center, Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) is partnering with the Inventors Workshop to train the next generation of solar scientists. With the School of Earth and Space Exploration and $1.2 million from NASA to advance cyberlearning and teacher training, Inventors’ Workshop teams are creating astronaut robot mission simulators in classrooms, museums and research settings.