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Engineering  |  School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Newly admitted student information

Congratulations on your admission to CIDSE at ASU!!

Below you will find helpful information to get you started at ASU. We are very happy you will be joining us!

Steps after you are admitted

  1. Clear all HOLDs and Priority Tasks in your MYASU. Click on the item in your MyASU and you will find the details of what needs to be done and who to contact if necessary.
  2. Research the many financial assistance opportunities that are available to you. This site provides all the tools and resources you need to select and apply for financial support.
  3. International Applicants: View next steps for newly admitted international students.
  4. Register for the CIDSE New Student Events that are applicable to your program.
  5. Register for courses after you have cleared all of your HOLDs and Priority Tasks.
  6. Pay your tuition through the Finances link on your MyASU.
  7. Review important dates and deadlines in the ASU Academic Calendar on your MyASU.

Fall 2020 Admits – Important Events and Dates

Review the Fall 2020 website for options for attendance this fall:

CIDSE Organized Events – The CIDSE Welcome and Online Orientations are mandatory. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the posted event time for check-in.

Master students’ Program Orientation will be conducted online. Completion of the online orientation is Mandatory. New students will be given access to the Orientation on Canvas before the semester begins.

After completing the mandatory online orientation, students are encouraged to attend in-person advising Q&A sessions. This is the only chance that new students will have to speak with an academic advisor until after classes begin.  There will be no 1:1 advising available for new Master’s students until August 31, 2020.

CIDSE Virtual Graduate Student Welcome (all programs):
Mandatory for all new CIDSE graduate students.

Program-specific Virtual Q&A sessions:

Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) MS

Computer Science MS and MCS (Tempe campus)

Industrial Engineering MS

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Artificial Intelligence) MS

Software Engineering MS

CIDSE Ph.D. Orientation and Q&A: 

Computer Science PhD

Industrial Engineering PhD

CIDSE TA Orientation (Mandatory for new CIDSE TAs)

Deficiency Test-Out Exams:

Program Specific Welcome Letters

Additional Questions? Ask your advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a HOLD or TO DO item on MYASU, what do I do?

Click on the item in your MYASU. You will find the details of what needs to be done and who to contact to clear that item. Academic Advisors or the CIDSE office does not clear any of the items below or collect the documents you send.
i.       MMR Immunizations – ASU Health Center

ii.      Financial Guarantee – Graduate Admissions

iii.      I-20 Mailing Option – Graduate Admissions

iv.      Degree Certificate – Graduate Admissions

Do I need to formally accept the admission to ASU?

No. You need to clear your HOLDS and Priority Tasks and register for courses to show intent to join.

I have sent my documents, have your received them?

Academic Advisors or the CIDSE office does not collect any items that you fax or email such as MMR,  Financial Guarantee, or Degree Certificate.  Please click on the item in your MYASU for contact information. Majority of the time documents that you send are received.  It takes about two to three weeks for items that are faxed or emailed to be processed. Please be patient and watch your MYASU for updates.

I will not be able to send my Degree Certificate until after I graduate, what do I do?

This is fine. This item will not stop your class registration. You will need to turn in your Degree Certificate upon arrival at ASU.

Which I-20 Mailing Option is best to choose? Can I change my Mailing Option after I select?

It is always best to select Express Mail. After you have selected a mailing option this cannot be changed.

I was assigned a deficiency course in my Admit Letter. What are my options?

At the time of application your transcript and supporting documentation is evaluated and it is determined if you are lacking any of the deficiency courses. Your Admit Letter will list any deficiencies assigned. Not every program assigns deficiencies and not every student is assigned deficiencies to complete. Deficiency courses cannot be listed on the interactive plan of study (iPOS) and a graduate level course cannot be taken to satisfy a deficiency. If you are assigned any deficiencies you have three options to meet your deficiency requirements.

Important: All students with assigned deficiency in their ASU admission letter must enroll for the course(s) to secure a seat. 

Option 1: Submit the deficiency waiver form here: You will need to upload the Petition for Reevaluation of Deficiency Course form and supporting documents (such as syllabus, catalog description, or university transcripts) to prove that you have met the requirements.  Be advised that the documents you uploaded during the admission application have been evaluated. Submit only new information when requesting a reevaluation of assigned deficiencies. We will not accept petitions submitted after December 1, 2020. Once the petition has been reviewed it is final.  There will be no future petition or consideration request, including asking to meet one-on-one.

Option 2: If the first option is not met, you may take the test-out exam prior to the start of the semester. The scheduled testing period is the only opportunity for students to take the deficiency test-out exams. No other/later arrangements will be made for students to test-out of assigned deficiencies.

Option 3: If you do not pass the deficiency exam, you must stay enrolled in the classThe School will dismiss students after one year that do not meet the deficiency requirements as stated in the admission letter “to be completed in one year.”

Where can I find the syllabus for a deficiency course?

Computer Science deficiency course syllabi are posted here.
Industrial Engineering deficiency course syllabi are posted here.

How do I apply for Teaching and Research Assistant positions?

Computer Science and Computer Engineering students will want to apply here: Teaching/Research Assistantships, Fellowships and Awards

Industrial Engineering students are reviewed automatically at the time of admission.

There is no application for Research Assistant positions. Faculty will review admissions applications and students will be notified if they are selected.

How and when will I be notified if I am offered a TA or RA position?

You will receive an email from the department if you are offered a TA or RA  position. We do not have an exact date when these offers will be extended. Generally, Fall offers are extended in August and Spring offers are extended in December.

I won't be able to start at ASU during my initial admission term. How do I defer my admission to the next term?

Students may defer their initial term of admission to the next term (spring or fall) through their MyASU page by using the Request Change link. If they have registered for a class after being admitted to the program they will not be able to process the deferral request. They must first drop all their classes and then request the deferral.

If you have a TA or an RA offer together with your admission, please contact the Advising Office for advisement.  If a student decides to defer their admission prior to consulting with the Advising office the TA or RA offer will be invalid for the next term.

All PHD students must contact one of the Graduate Academic Advisors prior to requesting a deferment regardless if a TA or RA offer has been extended. All requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Master’s students are not required to contact the Graduate Academic Advisors prior to requesting a deferment unless they have been offered a TA or RA position

Additional Helpful Information


In order to register, all students must get clearance for immunization. Click on the MRR Immunizations HOLD item in your MYASU for details.

ASU Catalog

The catalog is available on the ASU website:

Schedule of Courses

Schedule of courses are available on the ASU Registrar’s website and MyASU

CIDSE Program Handbooks

Please visit your degree program’s webpage to find your Program Handbook: Graduate degrees

Student Success Resouces

Please visit this website to see several resources available for our students:

ASU Course Delivery Methods

There are four types of course delivery methods at ASU: ASU Online, In-Person, Hybrid, and iCourse. When you are searching the schedule of classes you will see the course delivery method. Not all courses have every method available. Please see below for a description of each.

ASU Online: ASU Online courses are intended for students in an online program.  Students enrolled in an on-campus program are allowed to request permission to enroll in an ASU Online course by submitting an override request via the link:  There is an additional fee of $1206 per course associated with ASU Online courses taken by students who are not in an online program.  If you are not in an online program you will not automatically be able to see available ASU Online courses in the schedule of classes.  To view ASU Online courses you will need to log out of your MyASU and search the schedule of classes through the link on the ASU home page. If you have any questions regarding the administration of the online courses, you may direct your questions to

In-Person: In-Person courses are standard courses that meet one, two, or three times a week in a scheduled room at ASU.

Hybrid: Hybrid courses are a combination of in-person meetings and online assignments. When you register for a hybrid course your list of enrolled classes on your MyASU will show it as an iCourse. However, you will notice there is no additional fee reflected in your bill. As long as the course is listed as a hybrid in the ASU Schedule of Classes then you will not be charged the iCourse fee.

iCourse: An iCourse is an online course intended for students who are not enrolled in an online program. These courses carry a $1206 additional fee per course. The entire course is delivered online. There is no scheduled in-person meeting time associated with these courses.

International Students Please Note: According to ISSC only 3 credit hours of online/distance learning classes may be applied towards the full-time enrollment requirement per semester. ASU Online and iCourses are considered online/distance learning classes. Hybrid and in-person courses are not considered online/distance learning classes. However, if you are being sponsored by your home country we recommend you check with your sponsor’s guidelines with taking hybrid and/or online courses.

Tuition, Fees, and Billing

Please direct all related questions to the Tuition, Fees, and Billing department:

Arizona State University provides access to your account 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from anywhere around the world. ASU encourages you to log in frequently in order to ensure that charges do not become past due, which can lead to suspension of university services and monthly late fee assessment until the past due balance is paid in full.

To manage your account, login to My ASU and select the “Finances” link on the upper left side.


The United States government has strict regulations on the issuance of I-20 and DS-2019 documents to international students who wish to attend an educational institution in the US. The dates for issuance of an I-20/DS-2019, latest date to report to the appropriate International Student office and the final day to be enrolled full-time are on the International Admissions website. Any non-compliance with these dates may preclude the student from registering for classes. International students not enrolled full-time will have their SEVIS record terminated and become subject to detainment and deportation.

Majority of I-20/DS-2019 for master’s programs are issued for 3 years. Typically, students can finish the CIDSE 30 credit hour master’s programs in 2 years.

Majority of I-20/DS-2019 for doctoral programs are issued for 3 to 5 years depending on the program. Completion times vary.

SPEAK Test schedule for students with a Teaching Assistantship

Global Launch’s International Teaching Assistant Program provides both the SPEAK test and the ITA Teacher Training Course. Online registration is available on their website:

ASU E-mail Account

The main means for the university and the school to communicate with you is through your ASU e-mail account.  If you have a private e-mail, it is possible to have ASU e-mails forwarded to your private account. However, it is your responsibility to manage this process and to periodically check your ASU e-mail account to make sure that it does not become full. For more information on ASU E-mail accounts, visit: http://tp://

Sun Card

All students are required to get an ASU ID card.  The Sun Card Office is located at the Memorial Union (MU) lower level floor.  You will be asked to fill out a form with your name, ASU ID number, and classification (Student, Faculty/Staff, or Other). For more information please visit the Sun Card Office website:

Campus Map

The ASU campus is very large. We encourage you to carry around a map until you are familiar with the buildings and locations. Visit:


The majority of our graduate students choose to live off-campus. You can choose to live on-campus or off-campus.  For more information, please visit:

ASU Parking Permit

You can purchase a parking permit for the semester or chose to park at a visitor’s parking area for a daily fee. The campus map shows parking areas.  For more information, please visit the website:

Textbook Purchase
Graduate Student Responsibilities

Graduate students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all university and graduate policies and procedures. Each student should also communicate directly with his/her academic unit to be clear on its expectations for degree completion.

Information is provided to students via MyASU. Students should frequently check their MyASU account for the most up-to-date information regarding their status, holds, items to attend to and other important information.

Download the complete ASU Graduate Policies and Procedures PDF

Important ASU Contacts

CIDSE Advising Center

Tempe Location: Centerpoint, Suite 105
Phone: 480-965-3199

Polytechnic Location: Picacho Hall, Suite 245
Phone: 480-727-3520


Graduate Admission Services

Location: Student Services Building (SSV), Room 140

Phone: 480-965-6113 Fax: 480-965-5158



International Students and Scholars Center

Location: Student Services Building (SSV) Room 170

Phone: 480-727-4776