Online Programs


Software Engineering BS

Students learn how to make creative software solutions to today’s problems. Software systems are complex, often including in excess of a million lines of code. Graduates of the BS in software engineering possess knowledge and skills of a defined engineering approach to complex systems analysis, planning, design and construction. The program is a unique project-driven curriculum, establishing a new model for software engineering education. The program is built around the concepts of engaged learning, discovery-based education and learn-by-doing. Students complete projects in every semester of the program to provide emphasis in communication, teamwork, critical thinking and professionalism. Learn more >>

Engineering Management BSE

The Engineering Management program is designed to provide the graduate with the skills for effective management and leadership of engineering-driven enterprises. The curriculum provides a breadth of engineering science and design with depth in one specific area suitable for practice. This knowledge is augmented with an understanding of business practices, organizational behavior and management skills to enable the graduate to succeed in the management of a scientific or engineering enterprise. Learn more >>


Computer Science MCS

The Computer Science program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in computing or related areas, seeking to expand their knowledge of computer science or computation. The doctoral degree prepares students to undertake fundamental and applied research in computer science in academia, government and/or industry. The Ph.D. in computer science is available for students of high ability who show promise for original research. The interdisciplinary strength of the program is enhanced by the opportunity for students to have a concentration in arts, media and engineering, or cybersecurity. Learn more >>